Future Streetball Volume 2, Indonesian Streetbal Mixtape Video

To be honest, I don’t know any other streetball community in Indonesia but Future Streetball. The community was established in Bandung, capital city of West Java. Maybe among the streetballer they do know about the other communities in another city such as Jakarta or Surabaya. But for me they are more like non-exist.

What makes Future Streetball in Bandung so special? So different than the others? Well, Future Streetball knows very well how to tell people that they are not just some silly basketball community with some weird dribble technics with odds costume and fashion. Future Streetball occasionally performs in many basketball events. They even performs in schools. People really watch and enjoy them performing. The local and national newspapers made articles about them. The professional players adore them.

The most important thing is Future Basketball makes their own mixtape video, and they have just launched the second volume of it. The first volume of the mixtape hit a huge publicity and became the only basketball video that ever made by Indonesians. Even though Future Streetball Mixtape volume 2 is not much different from the first volume, it still worth watching. It shows the development of their basketball skills, their new styles, some new playground and also presenting some new members that has not yet performing in the first video. If you think they can only playing basketball with unique styles and they made videos then you need to add some knowledge about this young guns in your mind. They also wrote a book about Indonesian Streetball that you can find it at every book store. And I can assure you (again!), this is the first book about Indonesian basketball! And it’s about Indonesian street basketball not the pro (Read the previous blog about the book).

That is why I only know Future Streetball and still wondering about the other streetball communities “do they really exist?”

You can buy the videos and the book (Future Streetball Mixtape 1 and 2 at Ref Basketball Clothing, Gor C-Tra Arena Cikutra, Bandung. Or you can order it here by writing comments and ask for the videos)

7 pemikiran pada “Future Streetball Volume 2, Indonesian Streetbal Mixtape Video

  1. hi
    qt lagi cari talent anak umur 8-10thn (ASAP)yang jago/bisa main basket/streetball untuk dijadikan bintang iklan suatu produk makanan.
    mungkin teman teman bisa bantu
    untuk infonya bisa langsung contact saya di


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