Belajar Main Basket dari: Thomas Thedy Kurniady (Hadtex Bandung 1994-1997)



Thomas Thedy Kurniady adalah salah satu pemain yang paling bersinar selama era Kobatama (IBL zaman dulu). Gw sangat beruntung karena Thomas mau menjawab wawancara untuk blog ini via e-mail. Walau terbilang sangat pendek, ada beberapa pelajaran yang bisa dipetik oleh kita semua di sini di Indonesia baik oleh IBL, pemain pro, hingga yang penggembira kayak gw..hahahaaa. Salah satu yang penting buat IBL adalah bagaimana NBA dipandang sebagai sebuah kesatuan di mana basket hanyalah bagian kecil dari keseluruhan detail kegiatan (jawaban pertanyaan no. 4).

I asked Thomas in Bahasa Indonesia and he replied in English. I don’t translate it to avoid misinterpretation of Thomas’ real answers’ meanings. And the most important reason why I don’t translate it because Indonesian people have to be able to speak in at least two languages, Bahasa Indonesia and English. That’s why both playing basket and learning are important. Hehee Enjoy guys!

1. Banyak yang bertanya-tanya siapa sebenarnya Thomas Thedy Kurniady. Coba ceritakan kembali sedikit perjalanan karir basket profesional Thomas saat di Indonesia dulu. (Kapan mulai masuk tim pro, bermain untuk tim mana, prestasi tim dan pribadi, dll)

The first time I played for the Kobatama (Now IBL) Team was with Hadtex Bandung (Now Garuda Bandung) in 1994.
Hadtex then changed the name to Panasia Indosyntec in 1995.
Later on in 2004 changed to Panasia Senatama (with the new management).
Finally in 2005 changed name to Garuda Bandung.

I played 4 years in Kobatama and we were fortune enough to be in the Finals for 4 straight years.
We got 2 championships out of 4.
1994, Hadtex Bandung, Kobatama Champions
1995, Panasia Indosyntec, 2nd place Kobatama
1996, Panasia Indosyntec, 2nd place Kobatama
1997, Panasia Indosyntec, Kobatama Champions

2. Anak-anak muda Indonesia senang main basket. Tapi kebanyakan berhenti setelah tamat kuliah atau bahkan SMA. Apa yang membuat Thomas mencintai basket dan masih main hingga sekarang?

The reason I am still very active playing is the love of basketball.
I think when you love something, that’s the strongest motivation.
In order to play basketball in the highest level I can be, I prepare myself with physical training like Plyometrics. Lifting weight and running (on the sand dune or at the gym). I also do my own shooting drills once or twice a week, Just getting down my rhythm and accuracy. I’m a member of Spectrum gym in Los Angeles. It is open from 5 am to 11 pm. There are 2 full basketball courts, 1 NBA size and the other is college size. Basically, I want to be the best that I can be and this preparation make me mentally ready for the game.

3. Punya tim basket di LA?

I am also a member of Los Angeles Knights, an Indonesian-American team in LA. I love the guys on this team. We’ve been playing together for almost a decade. So we pretty much know each other very well. It’s been a joy to see how every player improves as an individual and as a team over the past few year. I also play for a Los Angeles ProAm team, that compete in Los Angeles City Leagues. It’s been a great opportunity to play for this team. Picking up new tricks. Most of the players on this team played D1 college ball and/or played pro overseas. So it’s been a great experience!

4. Thomas sering nonton NBA game. Apa saja kelebihan-kelebihan NBA yang patut dipelajari dan dicontoh oleh dunia perbasketan Indonesia?

NBA. It’s the core of the basketball world. The destination of great world players.
From the players, coaches, management and every single detail of media and marketing, it’s
the top of the line. The best way to make Indonesian basketball to improve closer to the NBA is to connect with the NBA directly and ask them for advise and support. NBA is a business. I’m sure if IBL can do a great business offer to the NBA, great things will happens.


5. Selama bermain di liga profesional di Indonesia, apa saja kenangan indah yang tak terlupakan?

Best memories was winning the championships in ’94 and ’97.
It was a great group of guys. All the local and American import players were together and solid as a team.
The coaches and management were great. Everybody had the same mindset to be the champions.
Even our bus driver has that mindset! The Bandung fans were great. We had fans from other cities like Jakarta, Surabaya, etc. It was the whole package.

6. Kenangan buruk?

I can’t recall any bad memories. I’m very positive person. (Laughs) ;-)
“Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.”

7. Dari segi budaya, bagaimana sebenarnya anak-anak Amerika Serikat memandang olahraga basket?

Basketball is a culture here in USA. Just like soccer is in Indonesia.
Most kids play basketball, baseball and football. Those 3 are the largest sports in the States.
The path from playing high school basketball to college and NBA, is like a dream for every player.
The ones that don’t make it to the elite level can use the team experience and apply it in real life.
If you’re disciplined, play hard, and have a great sportsmanship, then you can apply that to
your daily work and life in general.

8. Menurut Thomas, hal apa yang paling mendasar yang harus dimiliki seseorang agar bisa bermain basket dengan baik?

To be a great basketball player it’s very important to learn all the basic skills.
The key to be successful and earn your spot on a team is to be a specialist at your best skills.
For example, if you are a rebounder or a great defender than you should keep making that part better and improve it everyday, so you will have something really special that stands out. Some players are lucky enough to be specialists at every detail of the game. Great in scoring, defense, rebounds, steals, assist. But for a general players, the reality is that not everybody can be talented enough to have those gifts. So find your best in the game (defense, offense, etc) and polish it. Make it shine. And be the best you can be.

9. Beberapa waktu lalu Thomas sempat bermain dengan para pemain Satria Muda Britama Jakarta (IBL Champion 2008). Bagaimana gaya permainan mereka menurut Thomas?

Satria Muda is a great team. They are the defending champions of IBL.
I have so much respect for A Champions. It was great to playing and hanging out with Satria Muda.
I think the whole team is very solid and well coached. They are also very modest and very nice group of people.
It was a great experience to have Satria Muda visit LA, even for a short time.
Some other countries: Europe teams, Africa teams, South America teams, Asian teams (China, Japan, Korea and Philipines, etc) sent their teams to compete in the Summer Pro League in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
That’s a very good way to improve a team to compete with the best of the best in the summer leagues.


10. Apa saran-saran Thomas untuk kemajuan dunia basket di Indonesia?

I think Indonesian basketball is doing pretty well.
There’s always room for improvement. Connect to the NBA directly, ask for partnership, learn from the best to be the best.

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11 thoughts on “Belajar Main Basket dari: Thomas Thedy Kurniady (Hadtex Bandung 1994-1997)

  1. “learn from the best to be the best”

    It is a good word.
    Sepertinya bisa di-apply tidak hanya untuk basket Indonesia.

    PSSI? Do you read this?
    First step, just try to take good things from the best.
    No use to rebel against FIFA.

    Bro, sorry for being OOT :P
    Peace for all

  2. wawan

    Thomas Thedy Kurniady the legend ! waktu itu saya kirim e-mail ke thomas thedy dan dia bilang dia ingin bermain di IBL 2010 ! Tergantung dari team IBL yang mengontrak dia.

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