“..it’s in your character, you are what you are.” Gary Neville

Kata-kata Gary Neville ketika diwawancara oleh The Observer (Sunday 7 March 2010) ini adalah alasan mengapa Gary Neville menjadi salah satu atlet (pemain sepak bola) favorit gw. Seorang pemain yang berkarakter kuat! Kalimat ini ia katakan mengomentari aksinya merayakan gol Manchester United di hadapan pendukung Liverpool tahun 2006. *dalam beberapa hal, ada baiknya seorang pemain basket menirunya :P (Gary Neville menyatakan pensiun kemarin setelah bermain 602 kali dan menyumbang 7 gol kepada timnya, Manchester United)

I don’t want conflict but then sometimes I suppose controlling your emotions hasn’t been my greatest quality. I don’t plan for Rio Ferdinand to score the last-minute goal against Liverpool at Old Trafford and do what I did [run to celebrate at the Liverpool end in 2006, for which he was fined £5,000]. They’re not moments you plan for before the game. They just happen. Sometimes I go home and think – ‘Should you have done that? Probably not, Gary. But you’ve done it, what can you do about it, it’s in your character, you are what you are.”

My wife [Emma], sometimes, when I go home, might ask: ‘Why did you do that?’ And I can’t answer. That’s me, and there’s nothing I can do about it. I always believe I’ve been totally professional as a football player in my preparation for matches. You’re aware you’re going to make mistakes, slip up, say the wrong thing, let yourself down, but over a 19-year career those things are going to happen.”

Seperti apa aksi Gary saat itu atau bagaimana ia dipandang oleh pendukung tim non-Manchester United, silahkan tanya kakak Google saja yaa :D


Satu pemikiran pada ““..it’s in your character, you are what you are.” Gary Neville

  1. we are who we are… our character remains with us, but we can control our emotions. so that the character won’t be a disadvantage to others…

    one of my favorite player in the world. one character remains from him is his loyalty… salute Gary, we’re surely gonna miss your action on the field :)

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