Obrolan Kecil dengan Fan Singapore Slingers

Obrolan ini terjadi melalui komentar yang gw bubuhi pada salah satu tulisan mereka di blog singaporeslingersblog.wordpress.com. Tag line blog ini cukup keren, “The #1 Slinger Fan Blog”.

Obrolan ini awalnya gw rasa sudah akan menjurus caci-mencaci, namun segera gw belokkan ke arah yang lebih menyenangkan. Sekarang (kayaknya) gw dan fan Slingers ini sudah temenan.

Ada baiknya, membaca terlebih dulu, tulisan yang gw komentari di sini.


This interview is a beautiful joke. Nice try :)

The Slinger Blogger:

really… did it make you laugh? Haha…. are you just puzzled why we can do such an interview? I take what you say as a compliment for the work that we had done… peace man….


I like this blog. This is one of the good things fans should do for their favorite team. My favorite team is actually Garuda Bandung. We ended up third place in Indonesian Basketball League 2009. Satria Muda was the champion. In this ABL I’ve no choice but to support Satria Muda, they represent the country. Last year, Garuda played against Slingers in Medan, Indonesia. Fortunately, we won :) Good to know you guys, Slingers fan. If you’d like to see my blog, here’s the address: https://mainbasket.wordpress.com/ It’s in Bahasa Indonesia. It’s all about Garuda Bandung and Indonesian basketball. Peace man :)

The Slinger Blogger:

Hey mainbasket,
As I always say, I love friendly sporting rivalry. At the end of the day, Sports (and basketball in this case) should bring all fans closer. You can support your SM while I go for my Slingers, but at the end of the day, Basketball wins =) Will put up a link on the blog to your page =) Any plans that Garuda Bandung be going to join the ABL any sooner? Let’s not act like some immature fans and go around taunting people online. I hate computer heroes and continue to stand by this notion – cos if they are really unhappy, I would not mind meeting them over a cuppa to hear what they are unhappy they are. ~What happens in the basketball court, remains there~ Peace man.


I believe Garuda Bandung will join the ABL soon. This time, let’s focus on the upcoming game. Watch out, Satria Muda will come tougher than the 2nd game. Go SM! ~What happens in the basketball court, remains there~, couldn’t be more agree :)
Respect to all Slingers fans.

The Slinger Blogger:

Cool… Cheers! Aniwae, your link up on da blog =)


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