Wawancara Singkat dengan Bayi Handy, Darwin Airport Resort Australia (Surabaya International Challenge 2009)

Bayi Handy adalah pengatur serangan dari tim Darwin Airport Resort All Star Australia. Tim ini menjadi kandidat terkuat untuk menjadi juara di ajang Surabaya International Challenge yang juga diikuti oleh Malaysia NBL Selection, Garuda Flexi Bandung, dan CLS Knights Surabaya.

Pagi ini menjelang pertandingan antara Darwin Airport Resort All Star Australia melawan Garuda Flexi Bandung, gw sempat mewawancara Bayi tentang pendapatnya mengenai basket Indonesia dan sarannya bagi anak-anak Indonesia yang ingin menjadi pemain basket handal.

Tahun lalu Bayi adalah top scorer di Darwin Basketball League dengan rata-rata raihan 33 point per game.

(Seperti biasa, belajar English yang rajin yaa biar bisa ngartiin sendiri..hehee)

When did you first play basketball?

I started playing at the age of seven. Back in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. I was actually not strong enough to reach the basket, so I just used to pass the ball all of the time.

Why did you choose basketball instead of baseball or football (American)

Football is a physical sport and I’ve started playing football when I was young but I really didn’t enjoy it. When I play basketball, I started to be able to handle the ball and I become a real good ball handler and it drew attention around the city. Back then I would record every Michael Jordan’s tape and after that I’m going to the court like 3 or 4 in the morning and the neighbor started to call the police and said “we can’t sleep we keep hearing the ball bouncing.” but it’s all good though.

What do you think about Indonesian basketball? You’ve seen the game for the last couple of days.

I was surprised. The local Indonesian guys can really really play. I would measure, some of these guys can hang with some of the local guys in Europe. I mean not necessarily on the top level but of course second division or stuff like that like Germany, Sweden, or Holland.

Do you find any lack of something?

No, yeah, you know like yesterday, that team (CLS Knights Surabaya) was well coached. I thought they were extreme well coached. The defense that they were in was kinda confusing. I was really impressed by the coaching technic. You know, he called time out at the right time and made the right adjustments. I believe that the defense they were in was a freak defense, which means if you pass the ball to the left side they played a man to man but if you swing it to the right side, they were like playing like a zone defense. I don’t know, if that was true, like I said they were really well coached.

Do you have any suggestion for Indonesian basketball?

Well, I’m gonna need to watch more of the game. But well, they’re playing good on pick and roll but they just don’t calm down. Some of the players they tend to crack early, which means, you know basketball is a sport that goes ups and downs and there are part of the game when you might run 8 points straight in a short time but then you go three or four minutes without scoring and what I noticed that some players were tend to crack early. They need to learn how to bounce back.

This for Indonesian kid, what should they learn first to become a good basketball players in the future?

Watch the pros play. Watch the NBA. Watch the Euro leagues players play. Watch films. Play as much as you can. And I would have a routine, I mean for a young kid, if you go to school from 8 to 3, as soon as you finish the school, go to the court. As a kid between 8 to 10 years old I would recommend that they shoot 300 shots a day. When you get 12 to 16 that goes 500-1.000 shots per day. You break it down. You know Kobe Bryant is from my home town (Philadelphia). Kobe shoots 30.000 shots a week. That means 4 to 5 thousands shots a day. He breaks it down like 1.500 in the morning, 1.500 shots in the noon, and 1.500 in the night, something like that. I guarantee, if any kid in Indonesian make 500 shots a day, which is very attainable, you can do that, if they do that for six weeks, they’d be three times the ball player that they were when they started in that six week period. I guarantee it.


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