67 Reasons to Date a Basketball Player (LOL!)

Gw nemu tulisan ini dari sebuah grup di Facebook. Ini link-nya. Lucu! (Tergantung otak lu semua sihhh..hahaa)


1. We love being on the floor all the time.

2. We know how to run the show.

3. Most of us can go left AND right.

4. We know how to use both hands.

5. Getting hot and sweaty is no problem.

6. We’re always breathin heavy.

7. We know how to handle the ball.

8. We frequently play one-on-one.

9. We love overtime.

10. Our hands are always in the ‘ready’ postition.

11. We know how to drive in.

12. We make great plays.

13. We love rebounding.

14. We always go after loose balls.

15. We hate goin over the back.

16. We try not to go outta bounds, but it just doesn’t seem to work cuz we do anyways.

17. We love scoring and we try to do it as much as possible.

18. We’ll make you scream for more.

19. Our skills are unbelievable.

20. We’ll play anytime.

21. If we see an open basket, we’ll take the opportunity and go for it.

22. We’re always using our bodies.

23. We play hard to get.

24. We go up and down and all over the floor, but never get dizzy.

25. We love getting tips.

26. Half time is just a way of recuperating for us, so when we get back on the floor we can continue where we left off, but with more energy.

27. We’re constantly moving.

28. We love pressing.

29. We love to go in and out of the lane.

30. We love to post up.

31. We love being on top.

32. Jump balls are alright.

33. We’re always looking up.

34. If we’re down, we always get up and keep goin.

35. We love hearing our name called.

36. We love the bonus…especially the double bonus.

37. We always warm up before we start playing.

38. We love to swoosh it.

39. We love getting fast breaks.

40. We love to assist almost as much as we love scoring.

41. Towels come in handy.

42. We have strong hands.

43. We like tryin new moves.

44. Either ‘ruff’ or ‘violent’ is our middle name.

45. We hate swinging elbows.

46. We can score from almost every single angle.

47. (For guys) We love dunking it.

48. We love streaks…especially winning streaks.

49. We love hitting all the points.

50. We love playin at home.

51. During timeouts we can make up some pretty nifty plays.

52. We love free throws.

53. Pain or irritation just makes us go harder.

54. We always stay low.

55. We’re happy when we break records.

56. We’re always ready to play.

57. The harder we go, the better we get.

58. We don’t give less than everything we’ve got.

59. We hate turning it over.

60. We love to be the first ones on the board.

61. We love doin the ‘v-cut’.

62. We love trapping in the corners.

63. We are great communicators.

64. We love goin high-low.

65. We love it when the ball goes in.

66. You’ll probably catch us if we hold, cuz we rarely get away with it.

67. See, the thing is…we just LOVE BEING PLAYERS!!


3 pemikiran pada “67 Reasons to Date a Basketball Player (LOL!)

  1. 1 reason not to dating basketball player :

    they have alot of sexfrens!!!!!! becarefull..they dont care you’re pretty or not..they just need sex! they sex you not because u pretty just because they want sex more n more…

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