Belajar Main Basket dari: David Lee of New York Knicks (Exclusive Interview with David Lee in NBA Madness Surabaya 2009)

Di tengah padatnya kegiatan hari-hari terakhir NBA Madness di Surabaya, David Lee menerima gw dengan ramah untuk sedikit ngobrol tentang main basket di DBL Arena Surabaya.


Mengagumkan bagaimana David Lee menekankan betapa belajar merupakan hal terpenting dalam hidup jika kita ingin selalu jago dalam dunia main basket dan atau juga meraih cita-cita dalam hidup.
(Nggak ngerti bahasa Inggris? Makanya belajar! Atau setidaknya mulai bertanya kepada yang lebih tahu; teman, guru, buku, atau Google.)

What was your dream when you were a kid?

I always really enjoy sport. I didn’t know that I was definetelly wanna play basketball. You know my hero is Michael Jordan and I still watch him play a couple of times. But I guess I didn’t have any until highschool that I really knew that I want to be a basketball player.

Who’s your favorite player ever?

Michael Jordan for sure. You know, I grew up in St. Louis which is about three or four hours drive from Chicago and Michael Jordan was with the Bulls, and we used to go up there and watch him two times or three times a year when I was a little, he is my hero.

Who’s the best player in the league now? Why him?

I have to say Kobe Bryant or LeBron James. But probably Kobe right now, but LeBron is younger, in the next couple of years he’ll be the best.

Who is the most inspiring person in your life?

Hmm, it’s a good question. I just think anyone that works hard in what they do, no matter what it is. My parents definetely are the biggest influence and my family. But all, anybody that works hard in what they do, no matter what it is.

When was the first time you playing basketball?

When I was really little, about three or four year old. I just travelled a little minute to the hoop and played all the time. Who taught you? My dad. My dad and I was playing a lot.

What is the most important thing to learn to improve your skill in basketball?

Well I think it’s putting in the time in the effort. I think it’s just the hard work is the most important because you can get better in any part of basketball.

What is the best thing basketball has teach you so far?

I think basketball teaches me how to be competitive. That’s a huge part of anything you do in your life. If you were competitive you could go through of anything.

What is your best moment in basketball?

I think winning the MVP at the rookie-sophomore game. And then I had a tipping in at a buzzer to win a game in The Garden. That was two years ago, that was a pretty cool feeling. It was New York against Charlotte.

What is your favorite book?

I don’t have a favorite book. I’m not a big reader..hahaa. I don’t read that much. But I read magazines.

Any messages for Indonesian youth?

I’ve seen a lot of enthusiasm for the game of the basketball and it seems a lot of people are very happy over here. Keep continue to learn whether it’d be about basketball or anything else and put in time in the effort and you will get better in whatever you decide is important. It will keep you go along the way.


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