The Rise and Shine of Indonesian Basketball


There is a simple fact in Indonesia even I can’t statistically prove it. Most of junior and senior high school in all over Indonesia have an outdoor basketball court. If you don’t believe me, you just go to any school near you and prove it by yourself.

It makes me think, why basketball? Not volleyball or a sport that our country has always been considered as good at it, badminton. There are so many answers for this such as the most likely logical, “we can put almost every kind of sports’ yard inside a basketball court size, except of course football.” This reason doesn’t satisfy me. I believe that there are some hidden meaning or destiny that we haven’t found it yet.

All this February has been a very special month for Indonesian basketball especially in Bandung. There are three big basketball events in Bandung, my city; Deteksi Basketball League (DBL), Pop Mie Basketball, and Indonesian Basketball League. The first two are student league and have ended yesterday (DBL finals) and the other is a professional league that is about to begin in a few days.

Both DBL and Pop Mie have make a big impact on how students and teachers see this game/sport. It’s not simply a dribble, passing, and shooting game. It’s much more than that. DBL requires a tight conditions for the student to be able to participate in this league. Not only good as a basketball player but they also have to have an excellent academic achievement.

Bandung citizen have a strong connection with every sport team that represent the Bandung community. They love Persib Bandung (football team), Bandung Tectona (volleyball team), and Garuda Flexi Bandung (basketball team). And this love is increasing every time. And so that is why they can’t hardly wait to the upcoming basketball game event of IBL this 25 February 2009.

My friend once said, “get real man, your dream is kinda too high. Indonesia dominating the basketball in the world? Impossible.” My friend is not alone.


That is supposed to be my next Basketball Favorite Quote


Satu pemikiran pada “The Rise and Shine of Indonesian Basketball

  1. get real man, that is imposibble mgk memang kebanyakan orang akan bilang gitu.
    G sih setuju ama u, kita harus punya mimpi supaya mimpi jadi kenyataan kita harus usaha.
    Usaha supaya basket jangan cuma jd ajang bisnis doank tapi prestasi.
    Usaha supaya setiap penunjukan pemain yang mewakili Indonesia merupakan pemain yang terbaik bukan karena pelatih yang ditunjuk merupakan pelatih klub tertentu sehingga pemain yang ditunjuk banyak dari asal klub pelatih tersebut.
    Usaha promosi olahraga basket mulai dari para murid SD sehingga akan semakin banyak basketmania.
    and so many on
    Just dont stop to dream and workhard.

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